/beɪs / (say bays)

1. the bottom of anything, considered as its support; that on which a thing stands or rests.
2. a fundamental principle or groundwork; foundation; basis.
3. Architecture
a. the part of a column on which the shaft immediately rests.
b. the lowest member of a wall or monument.
c. the lower elements of a complete structure.
4. Biology
a. the part of an organ nearest its point of attachment.
b. the point of attachment.
5. the principal element or ingredient of anything, considered as its fundamental part.
6. Baseball one of the four fixed stations to which players run.
7. a starting point for competitors in a race.
8. the goal in hockey and some other games.
9. Military
a. a fortified or protected area or place used by any of the armed services.
b. a supply installation.
10. Mathematics
a. the number which serves as a starting point for a logarithmic or other numerical system.
b. the side or face of a geometric figure to which an altitude is conceived of as being drawn.
11. a primary place of residence, employment, etc.: his base is Hong Kong but he travels widely.
12. baseline.
13. Electronics the part of a transistor which controls the current flow.
14. Chemistry
a. any of numerous compounds which react with an acid to form a salt, as metallic oxides and hydroxides, amines, alkaloids and ammonia.
b. the hydroxide of an electropositive element or group.
c. a group or molecule which takes up or accepts protons.
15. Grammar the form to which affixes are added in the construction of a complex word; root; stem. For example, want is the base in unwanted.
16. Heraldry the lower part of a shield.
17. Colloquial the buttocks.
18. Colloquial
a.freebase (def. 1).
b.speed (def. 7).
19. serving as a base.
verb (t) (based, basing)
20. to make or form a base or foundation for.
21. to place or establish on a base or basis; ground; found; establish.
22. to locate the main part of (a business, enterprise, etc.): he decided to base his operations in Albury.
23. to locate (a person) somewhere as their primary place of residence or employment: to base the CEO in Hong Kong.
24. base on (or upon),
a. to arrive at as a result of: I based my conclusion on the facts available.
b. to create after the pattern of: the character of Viola is based on his mother.
25. base over apex, Colloquial fallen heavily and awkwardly, usually in a forward direction.
26. touch base with, to make contact with.
{Middle English, from Old French, from Latin, from Greek basis a stepping, a step, pedestal, base}
Usage: Some writers object to the combination of base and around or round, and argue that the only possible collocation is base on or upon (as in def. 24). But there is corpus evidence to show the increasing use of base(a)round, perhaps on the analogy of centre(a)round.
/beɪs / (say bays)

adjective (baser, basest)
1. morally low; without dignity of sentiment; mean-spirited; selfish; cowardly.
2. characteristic of an inferior person or thing.
3. of little value: the base metals.
4. debased or counterfeit: base coin.
5. of illegitimate birth.
6. Old English Law (of an estate or tenant) not held or holding by honourable tenure.
7. not classical or refined: base language.
8. deep or grave in sound; bass: the base tones of a piano.
9. Archaic of humble origin or station.
10. Obsolete occupying a low position; low-lying.
11. Music Obsoletebass1.
{Middle English, from Old French bas, from Late Latin bassus low}
basely, adverb
baseness, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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